Training Services

Over the last years I have created several training formats that help managers, coaches and teams to work better with the concept of self steering within the context of a corporation.

Best training I ever had in my life
— Participant of a Team Journey and Insights Training

Team Journey Canvas Training

Applying the Team Journey Canvas is a strong instrument for team coaches and managers to create clarity in expectations for team members and the organizations they work for. In a one day workshop I will share the science behind the canvas and we will apply the canvas to the teams we work with. Click here for more information about the Team Journey Canvas,

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TEAMDRIVER Practitioner Training

As a master level active Teamdriver Practitioner I continue to give training to team coaches on a regular basis. In one or two days I train coaches the theory, science, software and application of the Teamdriver solution. Go to to read more about Teamdriver.

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Team Journey and Insights Training

By request I organize training days for organizations that have multiple teams that start working in a self steering manner. In one day we apply the Team Journey Canvas, discuss team data from Teamdriver and formulate the team’s biggest challenges going forward. In one day teams get a holistic view of their team and the journey ahead.