Digital Venture Services

My clients are looking for new ideas, new products, and new systems at scale - and they want to build the capabilities to deliver on these, while creating a lasting competitive advantage in the digital domain.

Together with my clients we break through the “innovation theatre” by paying attention to venture and team architecture next to business and solution design. I help corporations think and act like venture capitalists and project teams like founders.

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Digital Venture Architecture & Design

Becoming a digital venture requires an organizational design that is in nature agile, anti fragile, regenerative, adapative and self steering. Through deep collaboration with our client and together with a multi disciplinary handpicked team of innovators, pioneers, specialists and business representatives we build a bespoke solution that fits our client’s values, market dynamics, customer needs, internal competencies and existing infrastructure of our clients.


Team, Project & Venture Definition

The process of defining the right team with the right mission, the right product, and the right goals can be messy and long. I support both newly forming teams and emerging ventures in the process of self-definition. A critical process in which the team structures itself. I will support the team during this process by reflecting, hosting sessions and coaching. The result of this process is a team with clear roles, clear plans, and clear priorities.


Product & Innovation Strategy

Between the company’s long-term vision and incremental innovation efforts triggered by the business, is an area were new critical platforms, new IP assets and new functions are developed. Together with the product and innovation team, I develop a strategic product roadmap that focuses on building next-generation digital IP and assets while increasing the knowledge about these new domains.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung