Here a selection of articles I wrote the last years. They are reflection of my personal vision on teams, innovation and organizations. For more articles please visit my Medium account.

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Start building Crossups(X-ups) not Startups.

Lately I am getting more and more involved in a new type of venture/endeavour that can not be considered a start-up yet are scaleable and innovative. What I am starting to experience that this is new type of venture also needs to be managed in a different way than a typical start-up: It has a different starting point, a different DNA and a different objective.

How To Build Committed Teams

One of the key reasons many projects fail is that there is no commitment from the stakeholders and team members. If no commitment is the issue in your project, you probably are pushing “solutions”. You probably are trying to convince people to work on your great idea or your great new invented thing you thought of. You are doing your best to make them WANT it….


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Passing the four tests of transformation

Transformation is hard. We barely figured out the finite game of growth and surely we are confronted with the infinite game of transformation. A never ending circle. A circle we are more and more confronted with as our volatile world is pushing us back up into our minds making us wonder where we belong, who we are and what our purpose is….